As graduation day approached, the Academy of the Holy Angels took time to recognize the many achievements of the Class of 2022.

Madeline Risbud was honored for having attained the highest cumulative average during her four years at the Academy. Grace Watson earned recognition for finishing Second in Merit. Ria Jani was honored for becoming a National Merit® Scholarship Finalist.

The College Board’s National Hispanic Recognition Program honorees are Zeida Ben-Fredj Lopez, Jacqueline Hoffman, Jordan Kotch, Adriana Santos, Samantha Shah, Isabella Troche, and Brianna Uddo. This year’s National African-American Recognition Program honorees are Zeida Ben-Fredj Lopez, Holly Foothorap, Adriana Santos, and Isabella Troche.

The Academy’s leaders honored those Angels who received Mother Caroline Scholarships, including Patricia Coleman, Isabella Dail, Deanna Frassa, Ria Jani, Jordan Kotch, Madeleine Outlaw, Grace Sawyer, and Emma Yale.

Seniors who have received AHA’s Sister Mary Nonna Dunphy Scholarships over the years were also recognized. Nonna Dunphy Scholarship recipients include Madeline Risbud and Adriana Santos (2019-2020), Isabella Dail, Brooke Hess, and Grace Watson (2020-2021), and Elizabeth Kim and Grace Watson (2021-2022).

Zoe Manning received this year’s Margaret E. Klett Literary Scholarship, Ria Jani and Brooke Hess received the Marilyn Kirschner History Award, and Patricia Coleman and Marie Howard received the Civic Engagement Social Studies Award. Nicolette Otero and Jacqueline Arbogast received the Religious Studies Award for Community Service.

Departmental awards were presented to the following students: Isabella Dail, English; Katherine Merriam, mathematics; Natasha Dhanrajani, physics; Grace Watson, biology; Madeline Risbud, anatomy and physiology; Alina Keshishian and Alexa Watson, French; Kara Battaglia, Italian; Isabella Dail, Latin; Zeida Ben-Fredj Lopez and Nicolette Otero, Spanish; Noor Alwazzan, engineering; Isabella Dail, journalism; Kacey Pupo, physical education; Grace Sawyer, art history; Emma Yale, studio art; Eliza Hoover and Eleni Laila Tallides, business education; Arielle Maravilla, humanities; and Keelin Robbins, technology.

Performing Arts Awards were presented to Lizelle Bacolod and Emma Yale for their work with the chorus, Samantha Shah for her leadership of the orchestra, Deanna Frassa and Patricia Coleman for their work with the theater program, Caitlin Neville for handbells, and Myra Bocage for her contributions to the overall music program.

This year’s Angels in the Arts Scholarship recipients are Lizelle Bacolod, orchestra; Myra Bocage, handbells; Patricia Coleman, theater; Grace Sawyer, art; Deanna Frassa, choir; and Ella Cho, dance team. Arielle Maravilla received the Jessica DeSanta Scholarship.

Several world language students were recognized by the World Language Professional Association. Katherine Amanda Donohue received an Honorable Mention for her work on the National French Exam, Chloe Ibrahim received a Gold Medal for her work in Italian, and Grace Sawyer achieved cum laude honors on the Latin exam. The following world language scholars earned awards from the Northeast Conference/Teachers of Foreign Language: Holly Foothorap, Brooke Hess, and Elizabeth Kim, French; Alexa Cawood, Italian; Grace Sawyer, Latin; and Nicole Sinde, Spanish.

Brooke Hess received this year’s NJSIAA Scholar Athlete Award. Student Council School Service Awards were presented to Brooke Hess, president; Brianna Uddo, vice president; Hannah Kim, secretary; and Katherine Merriam, treasurer. This year’s Student Council Senior School Service Awards went to Chelsie Lim, president; Kara Battaglia, vice president; and Eleni Laila Tallides, secretary/treasurer.

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