SSND Collaborative Leadership Meeting April 3-5, 2019

The Provincial Councils of the Province of Africa (AF) and the Atlantic-Midwest (AM) and the Central Pacific (CP) provinces met on April 3-5, 2019 in St. Louis Missouri, at Sancta Maria in Ripa for their biannual Collaborative Leadership meeting. The group welcomed the presence of S. Carolyn Anyega and S. Martina Radez who represented the General Council.

S. Carolyn and S. Martina brought updates from the General Council which included information on the second international Novitiate Class in Rome, and the future activities of the General Council: visitation of sisters in each continent, international meetings at the Generalate for Communication and Technology personnel in August 2019, and for Provincial Leaders and Formators in October 2019.  

S. Sharon Kanis, councilor of the AM Province led a day of reflection on Thursday, April 4. She wove into the day her learnings from the Interculturality Seminar which she attended along with three other SSND this past January. The event was sponsored by the UISG (International Union of Superiors General).

The Trinity Symposium Committee chairperson reported, via video conference, on the progress they have made in their work and asked for some needed clarifications from leadership so that the committee could move forward.  The committee will continue their plans and will keep councils updated. The date for the symposium has not yet been set.

S. Joyce Nyakwama, provincial of AF spoke to us about the status of their Provincial House construction. It has been in-progress by phases since November 2017, and a move-in date is planned for the end of April, 2019. 

S. Charmaine Krohe and S. Mary Anne Owens, provincials of AM and CP, shared the integrated planning and implementation processes of their respective provinces. Indeed the group became even more aware of the fact that SSND as an international community continues to evolve. While AM and CP are divesting of properties in response to current realities in North America, AF is building, responding to the needs of the growing numbers and realities in Africa. 

The remainder of the meeting time was shared in getting to know one another, prayer, dialogue, planning for moving forward with our collaborative communications, a data base software demonstration and updates, the community goal setting theme for 2020-21, reviewing and approving policies, the Collaborative Handbook, and enjoying meals together.

We are truly blessed to be members of an international community of Sisters supporting one another, near and far, in the spirit of Blessed Theresa, for the mission of Jesus.

SSND Collaborative Leadership Meeting
Front row left to right: Sisters Jane Forni, Mary Anne Owens, Charmaine Krohe, Maria Iannuccillo, Joyce Kwamboka Nyakwama
Second row: Martina Radež, Celeste Reinhart, Grace Okon, Anna Marie Reha
Third row: Kathleen Bauer, Victoria Swanzy-Essien, Laura Jean Spaeth, Susan Jordan
Fourth row: Marjorie Klein, Carolyn Anyega, Christine Garcia, Sharon Kanis


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