“We come as people of hope.” At the first Human Trafficking Committee meeting I attended in 2015, this was the prayer offered by Sister Jean McLoughlin.  Sister Jean often reminded the committee members of this important message and it is apropos of the way she lived.  On July 22, 2021, the SSND community, and the Human Trafficking Committee in particular, lost another valued member with the sudden death of Sister Jean.

Sister Jean was a dedicated worker in the area of Human Trafficking.  She served on the Trafficking Committee for over 7 years.  Living in Queens, NY, afforded Sister Jean the opportunity to attend Trafficking conferences at various area colleges.  She often gave up her Saturdays to attend such events in order to be up-to-date with the various issues and latest developments in the world of Trafficking.  Ever an educator, Sister Jean would enthusiastically bring her newfound knowledge back to the committee with a desire to pass it on to the rest of the SSND community and our varied constituents.

Sister Jean also volunteered in a safe house for Trafficking survivors. In this capacity, she was a peaceful, listening presence to the women residing there.  I could only imagine the conversations Sister Jean had with the women and the many prayers she offered for them.  I thank Sister Jean for her dedication and ask her to intercede for victims and survivors of Human Trafficking.  We will continue to be people of hope for the end of Human Trafficking.

On behalf of the Human Trafficking Committee,

S. Joan Pikiell

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