The human vocation is to be true co-workers with God and stewards of creation. ~ Denis Edwards

We have created the following videos for our Integral Vision Series! (Scroll down for the videos)

#1 - Integral Vision: Introduction May WE be ONE!  -

One-ness is the Divine design for life that calls forth from everyone a commitment to nurture and generate unity through our lives and mission. The diverse, fragile, yet generative web of life is created and sustained through right relationship, mutuality, and cooperation among many varied life forms.  These insights compel us to think anew about our commitment “to be one,” with ourselves, each other, and with the earth.

#2 - Cosmology:  It’s all about the STORY! -

We human beings are always striving to understand the origins of our lives, our relationship to others, and the meaning that our stories hold in today’s world. One of the most universally compelling stories impacting our lives today is about the origins, evolution, and ongoing expansion of the universe.

#3 Deep Incarnation:  The Evolutionary  Journey of Advent  -

When Christ became flesh, he did not simply become a human being.  He became part of a connected whole, the network of life that continues to evolve on planet Earth.  Advent, from this perspective,  is a journey deeper into the meaning of Incarnation.

# 4 Integral Vision: That All May Be One  -

# 5 integral Vision: Summary -

# 6 Integral Vision: Signs of the Times -

Woven throughout the SSND constitution, You Are Sent, as well as Love Gives Everything, the Directional Statement of the 24th General Chapter, is an invitation to oneness. As noted in its August 5th email, the provincial council seeks to engage the province more intentionally in contemplative dialogue for initiation of a commitment to the Directional Statement. The process will incorporate the Congregation-wide theological reflection process, contemplative dialogue, visual and verbal input, discussion, dialogue, discernment. Four videos are being created that will include reflection resources. Each phase of reflection will build upon those preceding it. 

Integral Vision - Introduction

Please click here for the reflections for the video  “Integral Vision 2019.”

Integral Vision - Cosmology

Please click here for the reflections for the video “Cosmology God's Amazing Universe.”

Integral Vision - Deep Incarnation

Christ is at the heart of all that moves us. —Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Please click here for the Reflections for the video "Deep Incarnation."

Integral Vision - That All May Be One

Please click here for the reflections for the video  “Challenges to the Integral Vision.”

Integral Vision - Summary

Signs of the Times