The Catholic Church teaches that our active engagement in the making of Justice and Peace in our world, as well as sustaining the Integrity of God’s Creation, is integral to the faithful following of Jesus and the proclamation of the Gospel.  In keeping with this tradition, the School Sisters of Notre Dame state in the General Directory of their Constitution “a particular concern in all our ministries is the establishment of a just society.” (You Are Sent GD #33). 

The JPIC Department of The Atlantic-Midwest Province of SSND promotes this vision as well as provides opportunities for engagement in the work of justice and peace-making throughout the province and the wider AMSSND network. In responding to the Directional Statement of the General Chapter of 2012 , the Atlantic-Midwest Province members decided that the primary social and ecological issues of concern for the province would be visible in province commitments to "the dignity of life and the care of all creation," with the primary focus areas of Addressing Climate Change, Promoting Justice for Immigrants, Ending Trafficking, Dismantling Racism, and Working toward Sustainable Development in Haiti.

Read the Province Corporate Stance on social and ecological issues.

Providing education as well as opportunities for engagement with these social and environmental commitments of the province, are overseen by province committees under the leadership of the AMSSND JPIC Director.

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