Spirituality and Prayer

"Prayer is true heavenly food and nourishment for the soul, which will starve without it. It is a remedy for the sick who desire to recover again, joy for the afflicted, strength for the weak, medicine for sinners, delight for the just, mutual support for the entire church.”


Pray With Us

During this Easter season, Ministry Services is delighted to share with Sisters, Associates, and Colleagues a prayer to commemorate this year’s feast day of Blessed Theresa Mary Theresa of Jesus Gerhardinger. Honoring 143 years since her passing.
September 30 is Orange Shirt Day – a day to remember and honor the students of Residential Schools. This year the Canadian government has also named September 30 as the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. On September 30, wear orange and set aside some time to take your next step on a...
Take a few moments to reflect on the events of September 11, 2001.  What images, memories, stories, events hold feelings/meaning for you at this 20th anniversary time?  What/Who do you want to remember?

AMSSND Values for Ministry

Values can be defined as guiding principles that one holds in high esteem and desires to live by, to let the values work on oneself so as to be transformed. Values shape behavior, lead to action and influence decisions and outcomes. Values reflect a person’s, community’s  or organization’s sense of right or wrong or what ought to be; on a deeper level values mirror a person’s, community’s or organization’s sense of purpose and mission. Values empower.
For the School Sisters of Notre Dame, flowing from their constitution You Are Sent, values foster oneness in their faith community and promote unity among all people. Living the values creates a possibility for humanity. Their values are guided by the values Jesus Christ lived and taught. Thus the sisters call themselves and others to embody gospel values and live the social teachings of the church because values reveal the reign of God and confront that which impedes human development and unity.
Flowing from their mission of deepening communion with God and among people, the Atlantic-Midwest province articulate the following values for ministry:

Respect  ·  Communion in Ministry  ·  Excellence  ·  Engagement  ·   Transformation  ·  Joy

Together, we share these values, which will guide and focus our work with SSND as a whole.
Below please find resources for your reflection and prayer on each value. The resources are offered in a Word document for your adaptation or personalization to your unique setting. Please contact the Department of Ministry Services, Yvonne DeBruin, Director, Patrick Laorden, Associate Director or Laura Stafford, Administrative Assistant with any support requests or questions you might have.

In Memoriam

Sr Joan McGovern
Sister Joan celebrated her 90th birthday, the day before her passing, with her niece and MANY birthday wishes from those at Marian Village. Her niece festooned her room with balloons. At her funeral at the Marian Village chapel her prayer card included the quote from ­You Are Sent, the SSND...
Sister Mary Louise Brien
Sister Mary Lou served her God for many happy and fruitful years, teaching in Baltimore, Philadelphia, and in her hometown of Rochester, NY. She served with zeal and fervor as her greatest desire was to bring the “little ones to know and love Him more.”
Sister Beatrice Pavlica
A teacher and an artist, Bea was a quiet, gentle presence in community, She expressed her gift for contemplation in praying all the hours of the Divine Office every day. Few Sisters knew this about her, but her graced life shone in her quiet humor and generosity.

Order Mass Cards

A gift of prayer is a heart warming way to honor someone’s memory, commemorate a birthday or any special occasion.

Request cards by contacting one of the following sisters in the Development Office:

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