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Racism is racial prejudice, hatred or discrimination involving one group having the power to carry out systemic discrimination through the institutional policies and practices of the society which are shaped by cultural beliefs and values that support racist policies and practices. 

Read this week's Laudato Si quote, Dare to watch a Dia de los Muertos reflection by Associate Margarita Silva, attend the "Transforming Spirituality in a Time of Plague” webinar and enjoy a Prayer for All Souls Day.
The cry of the earth and the cry of the poor reaches God’s heart and breaks open our hearts, challenging us to say “no” to violence that plagues our world and “yes” to human dignity and respect for the integrity of creation. We ought to confront our silence, complicity and indifference with a zeal for peace and nonviolence. “All of you, hear the humble appeal of the Successor of Peter who cries out: today too… peace remains possible. And if peace is possible, it is also a duty!” 
Teihard de Chardin once said, “Joy is the infallible sign of the presence of God.” This quote affirms the NAVT’s decision to call our SSND vocation evenings Joyful and Alive. We recently held our second Joyful and Alive event!
Our Partner in Haiti, Beyond Borders Haiti, is holding a virtual event to share information about Haiti and the programs there. MEN ANSANM AK AYITI - Hands Together with Haiti on Wednesday, October 27, Meet Cericile, Mireille, and Helia and hear their stories.
Read this wonderful reflection by Cyrile Sincock on a four-week Earth Literacy zoom course exploring the theme:“cultivating a sense of place in a time of loss".
The Baltimore Carmelites offer a virtual retreat/event Nov 12-13 on the Theme of   Transforming Spirituality in a Time of Plague. Themes and keynoters align with our province’s focus areas of dismantling racism and the climate crisis.
This week Dare to watch our new Ecological Conversion story video, attend these online retreats "Transforming Spirituality in a Time of Plague” and a self-guided online retreat by CRS, and learn about fair trade chocolate!
The U.S. Department of Labor reports millions of children in Africa work under hazardous conditions growing cocoa, the main ingredient in chocolate. These dangers include exposure to pesticides, lifting heavy loads, using sharp tools, and working in burning fields. And out of the billions of dollars chocolate producers make each year, farmers only see 6.6% of the profits—totaling to about $1 per day.
“Ecological conversion enables us to see the general harmony, the correlation of everything; how everything is related, everything is in relation.” ~ Pope Francis.  Take a moment and reflect on these brief ecological conversion stories.  
Sr Joan McGovern
Sister Joan celebrated her 90th birthday, the day before her passing, with her niece and MANY birthday wishes from those at Marian Village. Her niece festooned her room with balloons. At her funeral at the Marian Village chapel her prayer card included the quote from ­You Are Sent, the SSND constitution: “SENT TO PROCLAIM GOD’S LOVE THROUGH MY LIFE.” May she be experiencing eternal Joy!
When Immaculate Heart of Mary School in Baltimore needed to replace its outdoor statue of the Blessed Mother, the chair of the school’s board, Diana Franz, had an inspired wish. As an IND alumna, she knew such a statue had been mounted in a courtyard at IND, and since the school had closed, she wondered if that statue could be transferred to IHM.
Thank you to Sr. Ann Marie Whelan for drawing our first-week winners yesterday! Still time to win! Increase your chances to win and help us reach our goal by purchasing multiple tickets — as many tickets as you want!

On Monday, October 11, our province celebrates Canadian Thanksgiving Day with our sisters, associates and staff in Canada. It’s a time to celebrate the harvest season and a time to give thanks for our many blessings.  

Please join us in praying this 40-day campaign of prayers that lead up to the next phase of the Laudato Si' Action Platform. The prayer campaign supports the seven sectors joining the Laudato Si' Action Platform with a dedicated day of prayer for each, connecting each sector with a Laudato Si' Goal.
The School Sisters of Notre Dame came to Canada on October 7,1871 to take charge of orphaned children in the village of St. Agatha, Ontario. Mother Caroline Friess came from Milwaukee and brought Sister Joachim Bushmann and Sister Hunigundis Brust to care for the 20 children.
Dare to buy fair trade! This week, learn more about cocoa and the production of chocolate, consider joining the book study on "Caste", listen to the “On Being” podcast with Krista Tippet, and watch "Oh, Mercy: Searching for Hope in the Promised Land" a video about those trapped at the US/Mexico border, and more!
This month, the Academy of the Holy Angels celebrated 142 years of educating young women. Distinguished guest Bishop Michael Saporito celebrated the Feast Day Mass at the high school and bestowed a special blessing on the brand new AHA Middle School, which opened on September 10.
The people migrating and finding refuge at the shelters vary in nationality: Haitians, Hondurans, Venezuelans, Russians, Indians, etc. The neighborhoods where the US authorities drop off the migrants and the reception that the migrants receive when they arrive are also very different.
NDP Students
At Notre Dame Prep, four members of the Class of 2022 received 2021 National Merit Scholarship Recognition as Commended Scholars!