Sr Bauer, Spodnik, Ganz, Moltz, Reiter and Bunter
Top L to R - Sr Margaret Bauer, Sr Cabrini Ganz, and Sr Katharine Reiter.
Bottom L to R - Sister Marie Anna Moltz, , Sr Marguerite Mary Bunter, Sr Mary Teresia Spodnik

We are fortunate to have a "100 Club " in our province. Sister Margaret Bauer is the eldest, at 103. Sister Mary Teresia Spodnik is 102. Sister Cabrini Ganz is 101. Sister Marie Anna Moltz is 100, as is Sister Katharine Reiter. Sister Marguerite Mary Bunter is the newest club member - she turned 100 on May 15.

During this Jubilee season, when Sister Marie Anna is celebrating her 80th Jubilee, we celebrate her and all of our special club members and express gratitude for their decades of faithful love of God and others.

Sister Margaret Bauer  and this one on her 100 Birthday

Sister Mary Teresia Spodnik

Sister Marie Anna Moltz

Sister Katharine Reiter

Sister Marguerite Mary Bunter

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