Delores at the BorderIn August, I participated in MAP at the border in Douglas, Arizona and Mexico, spending a week with four SSND Sisters – Judy Bourg, Helen Jones, Lucy Nigh and Pat Ferrick. The goal of MAP is awareness; my intent was to render service. The greater service is to tell others, so that all may hear what is happen-ing in the lives of the disadvantaged. Seeing the “Wall” upfront, close and personal was painful. Seeing the suffering of the poor, sick and disabled Mexicans and hearing of deaths in the desert, separation of families, and exploited coffee farmers was heartbreaking. The tireless efforts of these four women who work to organize community resources, direct patient care, do advocacy and deliver jugs of water in the desert for undocumented immigrants was inspiring and life changing. Inter-culturalism.

Associate Delores A. Moore Atlantic-Midwest Province Baltimore, MD

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