This week, Christians all over the world celebrate the Triduum, recalling the suffering, crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. Throughout the season of Lent we were horrified by the shocking death and destruction of the war in Ukraine. Even in the midst of the uncertainty of the pandemic, the outbreak of war in Ukraine, the violence of racism and the abuse of the indigenous people, a glimmer of hope continues to surface. As we watch the remarkable courage of President Zelenskyy and the people of Ukraine and the countries who took in thousands of Ukrainian refugees, we are given a sense of hope.

With the coming of Easter Sunday, our faith assures us that the stone of the tomb will be rolled away and the light that shines forth will herald the Risen Christ. May this risen Jesus “pour into your hearts and the hearts of our suffering world, comfort, peace and joy.”

May your Spirit-filled heart give life to all those you encounter. May the light of Christ transform our lives and bring healing to our world. Be the light!  

Your Sisters Charmaine, Margaret, Mary, Mary Roy, Nancy and Paula

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