Here you will find the prayers being prayed during Memorial Services for our Sisters who have died. Because of social distancing, these memorials cannot currently be held with large numbers of Sisters attending, but many Sisters would still like to pray the service for each Sister lost. This archive starts in May 2020.

Guidelines for Funerals of Sisters in SSND residences in COVID times

Sister Betty Sokel

Sister Anita Saffran

Sister Kenneth Marie Botta

Sister Vicky Kessler

Sister Loretta Rosendale

Sister Mary Xavier Linz

Sister Kathleen Groves

Sister Kitty Malstrom

Sister Rosemary Dilli

Sister Joanna Brigan

Sister Clara Beall

Burial Prayer for Deceased Sister - Ozanam and VND

Sister Emanuella Rainer

Sister Bernadette Walsh

Sister Jenny VandenBergh


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