Rally to End Gun Violence on National Gun Awareness Day. Cora Lee Middleton, Patricia Murphy, Toni Moore Duggan, nursing instruc
Cora Lee Middleton, Patricia Murphy, and Toni Moore Duggan from the Caroline Center

SSND joins LCWR and USCCB in calling for policies to end gun violence.

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"In our own sadness and prayerfulness, we echo Pope Francis’ words that, “My heart is broken over the massacre at the primary school in Texas. I pray for the children and adults killed, and for their families.”  As we continue to grieve these losses, we are reminded of the times the Gospels tell us Jesus was “moved by pity.” Moved by pity, Jesus fed the hungry (Matthew 15:32), healed the blind (Matthew 20:34), and comforted the widow whose only son had died (Luke 7:13)."

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